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Excerpts from an essay from “Ca.”

A very distant, dear and soulful friend… If you still read these literal and literal gestures, then you are very likely a human being (at least partially). I spent a long time calculating/figuring out whether I have the right to write about myself in the first person. Why not? Alas, it is not such an […]

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The Will to Power

From ‘The Will to Power’ by F. Nietzsche What is #nobility? This is when you constantly have to represent. When you are looking for positions in which you constantly need to have a habit (manners and manoeuvres). When you leave happiness to the majority: happiness as peace, virtue, comfort a La Spencer. When you instinctively […]

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Songs on superstrings about children and their care

About the victory over time and the authorities of all authorities or songs on superstrings about children and their care (and W-bots)… Country or Community Network (conglomerates with policy networks & NPG) that will pioneer in their formational politics and formative trends (evaluation and moral and scientific direction) and technology in education/culture of quality and […]

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Grounds-rationale, education and danger of designation of power

The sphere of influence of the ruling and growing population is constantly expanding and shrinking. From here […] “Value” is, in essence, the assemblage point of superiority or expenditure (lowering) of these regulatory and realization centres (in any case, this is “plurality”, and “unity” does not occur at all in the process of formation and […]

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PlasmaRooms: Encrypted video calls with built-in payments

Telegram is officially dead [RIP]. WhatsApp and Zoom were already officially belonged to ‘Big brother’… In short, friends, we go to our Rooms:   Encrypted video calls with built-in payments Host a video meeting with no sign ups, downloads and limits Highly Secure Payments Cross-Devices Group Calling HD Video And Sound Unlimitted Calls

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On #NewHeavens (#Новых_Небесах) only talks about #Decrepit_Land (#Ветхой_Земли) and #Halving_BTC on it. Everyone has their own halving, fork, FAQ. And how meek and short life is – this is the only value in the world, and in the ‘worlds of Numbers’ its symbol is #Proof_of_Exellence. Look at this superiority of the moon, complete, valuable… – […]

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