Year: 2020

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Connection of generations

About a son and father, or respect and comfort, about the connection of generations and geography, and also about the antimetaphysical worldview, artistic… Today I gave the example of a very efficient and effective political and managerial model show management, which is practised in the UFC and how incredible hype this game-competitive and the entertainment […]

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La Grande Alliance

When with definitely excellent researchers of (old) geopolitics or power in geography (in positioning the will of power in places and moments) years earlier it was necessary to show on the fingers and principles/rules of y/that Israel geostrategic in the sphere and is a great historical, (geo)political-strategic and myth-symbolic implementation, and even more so a […]

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Songs on superstrings about children and their care

About the victory over time and the authorities of all authorities or songs on superstrings about children and their care (and W-bots)… Country or Community Network (conglomerates with policy networks & NPG) that will pioneer in their formational politics and formative trends (evaluation and moral and scientific direction) and technology in education/culture of quality and […]

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Our New Heroes: Rustam Daudov and Movsar Dzhamayev

These two teenage heroes (then) of Chechen origin from Norway saved this country and hundreds of other children and peers from destruction … – from a Norwegian Nazi terrorist (I don’t know the name) exactly 9 years ago. If these two teenage heroes were not basically Chechens, according to genes and memes, the world would […]

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Grounds-rationale, education and danger of designation of power

The sphere of influence of the ruling and growing population is constantly expanding and shrinking. From here […] “Value” is, in essence, the assemblage point of superiority or expenditure (lowering) of these regulatory and realization centres (in any case, this is “plurality”, and “unity” does not occur at all in the process of formation and […]

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