The Future of Chechen Civilization

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What do you think, could the Chechens (as a civilization, not a nation or ethnic group, and the more “Russian Chechnya”), which is very close to all the peoples of the Caucasus, post-Soviet and have been diligently adapted in the West, B. East, the Gulf and Mesopotamia especially to fulfil the role of alternative diplomatic #think_tanks and organizers of the world, practically, and (geo)politically?

Due to their history for thousands of years and geography, as well as the art of negotiating and achieving justice in economic relations, as well as in international relations (Chechens are also known for never waging wars of conquest, but on the contrary, exclusively liberating themselves and other peoples from all forms of totalitarianism (feudalism, fascism, or franchise of Russianism) – at all times, many brave and solid families and people who resisted for their freedoms and dignity (around for centuries there was feudalism and slavery, and the country of the Chechens – Paradise for those who want to get out of slavery, meritocratic and theocratic). Therefore, the Chechens, who organized the civilizational-liberation struggle in the geography of power in the post-USSR and, especially, in the Caucasus, still do not give up the integrity and integrity of their strategy and are completely legal and irresponsible. After all, it is obvious that the forces against which this civilization is constantly and everywhere opposed are very dangerous and extremely destructive for free, decentralized (through Confederation and technology), fraternal mutually beneficial and mutually supportive (mutually sympathetic) relations and excellent political governance.

Undoubtedly, the Chechens, who with varying success are in a permanent geopolitical confrontation in Eurasia, and especially in the Caucasus, are bright and ardent representatives of a civilization of brave, just and wealthy people in spirit and deed, peoples who are sympathetic to all victims of totalitarianism and other forms of humiliation, oppression and destruction.

Moreover, the Chechens have an incredible level in diplomacy, in the ability to create justice and consensus or Concord between peoples, especially close ones.

Therefore, first of all, the Chechens should direct their resources to supernova geopolitics (remaining in the old mountains) and diplomacy, as an alternative to what is constantly being offered by the System and destructive powers not for people/peoples, but against them.

In other words, #chechen_civilization would be able to create worlds, the best worlds, in the very near future through its advantages and knowledge in the declared areas.

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