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On this day, there was an act of the most treacherous attack known in History, and… it was in the very cold of the winter of 1944 – the USSR, which was considered a common (allied) state of the Chechens/Vainakhs with the rest of the hundreds of peoples of this huge country, attacked the Chechen / Vainakh people and did it in their homes/courtyards and huts of the USSR military personnel (with them the Chechens / Vainakhs shared shelter, blood and every crumb of bread in these wartime times) on the orders of Stalin and the country’s leadership. If Germany of Hitler’s Holocaust of the Jews took place in stages and years of instilling hatred of the Jewish people (or part of the public/people of Germany), the next genocide of Chechens/Vainakh deployed for 2 hours (then a General in the military head of the national Grachev, tried to do exactly like in 50 years, but to no avail) and instead of ovens and concentration camps, which were burned Jewish children and people, Chechens/Vainakh just threw in hunger and cold at -40° in the bare steppe, in “Siberia” – half the people died in the course of a few nights, the deepest, longest nights in the History of this strong, but for the last time so naive people. And, these people did not spend 3000 or 1500, not even 1300 years in wandering, as the Jewish people, they returned after 13 years to their native Homeland, in the heart of Eurasia, in the Caucasus.

Yes, these people defeated Stalin and, never again believed in the USSR, and did not forgive this country. And then these people and their state of Ichkeria accepted the capitulation on “the end of the 400-year war between the two countries” in the Kremlin, at the self-proclaimed “president of the Russian Federation-Russia” (Boris Yeltsin came to power after the putsch against the Supreme Soviet with the help of Western countries led by the United States, after the de facto civil war with the shooting of the country’s Parliament from tanks, and any power assigned by this criminal after himself is considered de jure illegitimate). Alas, this was also another deception and the deployment of the subsequent stage of the genocide, but…

But the history of this people is so impressive and excellent with its victories over the enemies that the long pause between these victories gives the Chechens / Vainakhs more scale in their historical realization and power, power in geography. 1st President \Ichkeria by Dudayev said about the spirit, the power, and the glory, about the revival of the people and forcing the opponent (tyrants, bloody and in 7th knee) fall on your knees nationwide exposure and, again and again, rise to His will, the only one. And so, time clarifies who is who and what is what. And Eternity / Reality manifests all/everything.

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