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That’s be able to all but nothing to strive for – Power

That’s be able to all but nothing to strive for – power. This power is revealed by wisdom, which is courageous and integral. Alas, I have only known such a man once in all the world… – Nurdi, my father’s brother (in the photo, PA and Nurdi are standing behind their older brothers). I will […]

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PlasmaRooms: Encrypted video calls with built-in payments

Telegram is officially dead [RIP]. WhatsApp and Zoom were already officially belonged to ‘Big brother’… In short, friends, we go to our Rooms:   Encrypted video calls with built-in payments Host a video meeting with no sign ups, downloads and limits Highly Secure Payments Cross-Devices Group Calling HD Video And Sound Unlimitted Calls

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On #NewHeavens (#Новых_Небесах) only talks about #Decrepit_Land (#Ветхой_Земли) and #Halving_BTC on it. Everyone has their own halving, fork, FAQ. And how meek and short life is – this is the only value in the world, and in the ‘worlds of Numbers’ its symbol is #Proof_of_Exellence. Look at this superiority of the moon, complete, valuable… – […]

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GoRemote – Secure video conference software for a changing world

When you need to switch to a remote work format, we have developed a special solution that will help you effectively maintain communication between the team and clients. I would like to introduce a new and secure video conference software – GoRemote   Simple, reliable and effective Our brand was founded at the start of the […]

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The world is preparing to switch to digital money

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing every year. Over the past five years, the exchange rate of the “old man” bitcoin has grown by almost 3000%. Investing in it is the most promising investment. New currencies have appeared and are gaining momentum: Binance Coin, Tron, BitTorrent. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more […]

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