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The real is made on the basis of the smallest cells (“Matryoshka dolls”) matrices and storage devices, models/control modules, and can be played an unlimited number and quality of times. It is no longer required to be rational since it is no longer commensurate with an ideal (or negative) instance, but only operationally. In fact, it is no longer real, because it is no longer enveloped by an imaginary… – this is a hyperreal, – a synthetic product of the radiation of combinatorial models in airless / infinite-dimensional hyperspace*.

There is no more mirroring between being and its display, but there is a redneck-banal life between the real and its concept, as well as the TV series “Black Mirror” and the ambient-an environment with screens and their erect zones, cyber-concentration camps and fields where gadgets and “digitalized genies” (digital creatures) grow people for themselves. There is no more imaginary proportionality: the dimension of simulation is genetic miniaturization and memetic (machine) economics.

Abstraction today is not the abstraction of a map, copy, mirror, or concept. An abstraction that decomposes like a dead body/deed and turns to dust – as well as a copy or plagiarism and often-often “rewritten past” or mythologems and their memes subjected to artificial aging, eventually begin to be perceived as the original. In fact, it is like a “historical” series from Netflix, completely twisted and distorted, or like a “Russian Story” about its human resources (slaves, their masters, and tsars) and about the Chechen civilization.

Simulation is no longer a simulation of territory, a referential being, substance, and Sum (the totality of the worlds of the Figure). It is a product of models of the real without the original and reality, but only a “rhizome of realities”. And this distance completely disappears in the implosive era of models (in the” Big Bang ” inwards). Clearly, all kinds of realities and models in them are no longer transcendence or projection, they are no longer the imaginary relative to the real, they are themselves the anticipation of the real and therefore leave no room for any fantastic anticipation — they are imminent, therefore leave no room for any imaginary transcendence. And the fields-platforms-protocols that are slightly opened (anticipates, anticipates, or imagines about an object or event that occurs before the act of their perception, from waiting for the event to occur) are simulation fields in the cybernetic sense, that is, fields/networks of comprehensive manipulation of models (scenarios, creation of simulated situations, political technologies, etc.), but then nothing distinguishes this management process from the real process itself: fiction (and even more so futurology) no longer exists… there’s no time for that. And when time is “smeared” in these ersatz realities, then attention and will “explode” (see an implosion in a transaction) with the great soul…

Instead of the spiritual ascent of the spiral of the “Möbius strip” integrally constantly dreamed of revolutionaries and realizational great achievements (perfect also) of the people in our era it is only to understand all the technology in the event of an accident (car), that is, in the case of violence committed against her, and violence committed against the body, which in fact is the same violence: any attack, any push, any collision (virucidal and vaccination), all the metallurgy of accidents is read in seniorgay body (and even in demiourgoi) — not in anatomy or physiology, but in the semiurgy of bruises, injuries, wounds, which become like new numerous sexual organs found on the body, on this “clay/iron”, in her porn and about herself PR. Yes, even the bodies do not belong to people, the last people, because humanity is only fields, infinite, on which the genitals are painted (see “phallologocentrism” v/s “transhumanism” and narkos), this vulgar past and other cultures (see all the same inorganic beings). And, in an ocean of egos/sociocentrism and a supermarket like China and Amazon, first of all, it should be clear that the constant non-presence of people in constancy or in a preferential ascent over “clay/iron”, these are the same cultures of dreams about the past, as if behind this disappeared power (or software), which they try to annex again and again (but these pasts clone people from genes into codes and vice versa – this means that in a similar way the “conceived” future, all the same past, which “manifest” as things in themselves from those most miniature cells (“matryoshka dolls”) matrices and storage devices, models/control modules), – behind all this, there is another order with which they have nothing to do, and they load traffic as if they destroyed this order, exhuming it as their own past (past and future).

In my opinion, not “Urabaros” (- information devours its own content) and “Fraser figure” or “Kama Sutra” here is an approximate image, but 0 and 1, bits that are already qubits. What are the successive phases of the development of this image?
– it reflects a fundamental reality;
– it masks and mimics (distorts and defecates) the fundamental reality;
– it masks the absence of fundamental reality;
– it has no relation to any reality at all, being its own simulacrum in its pure form.

In the first case, the image is a benign manifestation: the representation has a sacramental character. In the second — malignant: malicious in nature. In the third case, it only creates a kind of manifestation: the character of witchcraft. In the fourth, we are no longer talking about the manifestation of something, but about simulation.
Alas, when the real is no longer what it was, nostalgia appropriates all its semantic content. And for this, bodies are no longer needed, but only an image on an image (harmony and orgy in hyperreality, in fictional minds-genitalia and sins, fears and in their non-stop acquisitions). Such is a simulation in its opposition to representation.

— Representation proceeds from the principle of equivalence of the real and some sign/gesture/symbol “representing” this real (even if this equivalence is utopian, it is a solid axiom).

— Simulation, on the contrary, comes from the utopian principle of equivalence, from the radical negation (- rejection or negate and destruction of the earlier tradition) of the sign as value, from the sign as reversion (the return parts with mixed signs to the original ‘parent’ forms) from killing any correlation of the self.

Fortunately, this whole simulacrum of the cultures and values them canceled in advance by the external architecture of the matrix…
Finally, the medium is message or code is consensus, means not only the end of the message, but the end of the medium in the way of the old Supreme and mythology – from the last people was the intermediary technology (- the apotheosis of the power of matter) and in it AI and machine, and they are far, far from the “dream machine” Tinguely or “Franken”, the fictional Mary of a dispute with Byron at Cologny, no…

– there is no longer a media in the literal sense of the word (I mean primarily the media), that is, an instance that would be an intermediary between one reality and another, between one state of the real and another. All this is no longer present either in content or in form.

Actually, that’s what means the implosion – inter the absorption of poles (people and machines, technologies and political technologies, us and our children-Chimera), short-circuit between poles of every differential system of meaning, the Erasure of the clear boundaries and oppositions, including the opposition and the border between medium and real — thus the impossibility of any mediated expression of one or another dialectical dependence on one another. I…
And what do we know about this violence, about the distance (discrimination of humanity or divinity in God), the production of spaces and circulation time and attention to this fascinatie (wow-effects), resulting from neutralization of the human spirit and the explosion in the inside of sense about him.
Today, a completely different type of violence is designated/unambiguous, which we can no longer analyze since it falls out of the traditional scheme of explosive violence (through lies and “cutting” about cosmic achievements through Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, showing the PR of fans and conductors of simulation or servants-simulacra of the occult “Sun worshippers or Lucifer” and TV series about space, humanity and everyone was taken away from a person… – pointing at the Sun, scrolling around it with thimble planets almost the entire cosmos, humanity was left with only one continuous “Black Hole” and in it). In short, implosive violence is not the result of the expansion of the system or an unproven theory-the narrative of the “Big Bang” – but its oversaturation and compression in the hearts of the last people, as it is presented in the TV series about star systems.

Here is this violence, it is the result of excessive compaction of the social and the person himself (defragmented, torn into millions of IDs, to infinity), – Compaction (eruption of a person into “clay/iron”) of an over-regulated system, excessive congestion of the network (knowledge, information, power, and laziness-corruption) and hypertrophied control, blocking all interstitial nerve impulses… – this is exactly where this intertextuality and circularity begins (see the very “Beginning 1”).
Unfortunately, the neutralized-relegated person/humanity (like the “battery” in the film “Matrix” of the ex-brothers, and now the Wachowski sisters), has a very strict law of “value”, “iron law” –
– Eh, when it ceases its effect, and what despondency covers, what humiliation!

– > to be continued

* One of the components Multiversum_IDYlliUM (and not the one that is larger than the whole) or many, very multidimensional and multi-dimensional realities and solutions with their own resources, historical realizations (and histories), spaces, and productions in them.
** Anticipation — premature occurrence of an event or premature performance of an action. Anticipation in linguistics is the effect of the subsequent language form on the form preceding it in the sequence.
*** Rhizome — is a concept of postmodern philosophy that fixes a fundamentally non-structural and non-linear way of organizing integrity. According to Deleuze, the rhizome can not be allocated without a beginning or end, no center, no genetic axis nor a unified code.

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