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Enzan no metsuke – this is a great way to look at the whole picture, see the overall shape of the enemy, his body, arms, legs, weapons, and face, especially his eyes.
Naturally, such a view requires a certain amount of practice and truth, and at first, it makes you feel disappointed and disjointed. However, with experience, looking this way becomes natural and moderately comfortable.

Enzan no metsuke requires a clear, unfettered mind – no need to anticipate or anticipate the actions of the opponent, but instead intelligence (resolute) should become a mirror reflecting the true actions of the spirit/deeds and intentions, allowing yourself to surpass instantly.
And it is also important to remember that no matter how perfect the perception and technique of the gaze becomes, it will not have much value if you do not develop further techniques/tactics. After all, a correct (truthful and shrewdly direct) view is only the ‘Beginning 2’.

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