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Repeat what is going on/to-be in Minsk/#Belarus… So, what does any #Chechen_child from 5-10 years old know (already at 11 he is considered a full-fledged warrior and fighter against terrorism, as well as a subject of geopolitics or a constituent 1k1000 in the “Civilization of Free”, brave and fair people)? He knows that 100%, if the personified #Evil_on_Earth or #Putin, says about #Belarus that “yet” does not kill the Belarusians who “do not crush banks and do not seize state institutions”… He is already doing it, and who else does not know that this #Chechen_child claims officially that the symbolic Evil on Earth or the #Kremlin is doing it on this #Putin and further on Lukashenko’s “good” from the System or the so-called West. After all, everyone has heard about the “care” of the EU and the USA. This means “… kill free, brave and just people, humiliate and destroy them (the Belarusian people)”. Questions?

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