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Behold how the ‘red propaganda’ works, these shameless killers of about 200 children in S.Ossetia/Russia are not just trying to rewrite the past and accuse Chechen subversives of terrorism (and even one killed child), but in general, everyone lies and is hypocritical and inhumane. By the way, S. Ossetia has a special role in support and encouragement of Chechen genocide since 1992, which began with Ingushetia, which at that time believed the Russians and their Yeltsin, and even withdrew from independent Chechnya-Ingushetia, which later became Ichkeria (General Secretary/President of the USSR Gorbachev withdrew the status of an Autonomous Region within the RSFSR/USR and equated Chechnya-Ingushetia with the Union republics). In Beslan, Putin personally ordered to kill all children and people in that school and did everything to kill them, but some survived… But half a hundred thousand (50’000, not counting the tens of thousands of wounded) Chechen children never managed to escape. They have not survived, and the rest are being held hostage by state terrorists and totalitarianists – Russia – for 25 years. Why Chechens do not remember every school and maternity hospital that has been wiped clean (this is the first thing Russia does in the war) with children under the rubble, how for years their troops captured these resumed/rebuilt schools and kept in terror the children, all Chechen children without exception. How did they let them through concentration camps, and how often were they burned or pissed in pits? Why Chechens do not report on every village they live in. Do you remember Elistanzhi? And the Samashki? А… (+ hundreds and hundreds of others)? After all, this report from the destroyers of almost a hundred thousand children, and those who crippled all Chechen lives; and there are so many stories and sufferings, so many…

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