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Excerpts from an essay from “Ca.”

A very distant, dear and soulful friend… If you still read these literal and literal gestures, then you are very likely a human being (at least partially). I spent a long time calculating/figuring out whether I have the right to write about myself in the first person. Why not? Alas, it is not such an […]

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The Will to Power

From ‘The Will to Power’ by F. Nietzsche What is #nobility? This is when you constantly have to represent. When you are looking for positions in which you constantly need to have a habit (manners and manoeuvres). When you leave happiness to the majority: happiness as peace, virtue, comfort a La Spencer. When you instinctively […]

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On #NewHeavens (#Новых_Небесах) only talks about #Decrepit_Land (#Ветхой_Земли) and #Halving_BTC on it. Everyone has their own halving, fork, FAQ. And how meek and short life is – this is the only value in the world, and in the ‘worlds of Numbers’ its symbol is #Proof_of_Exellence. Look at this superiority of the moon, complete, valuable… – […]

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