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At a certain age, there is a very important attention to eternity and the will/influence in time (and on it), this also applies to people, structures, systems. And, for me (perhaps for others this has happened) in the aggregate of personalities / IDs, it has become active posterior that explaining and designating their strategic and […]

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Excerpts from an essay from “Sa.”

A very distant, dear and soulful friend… If you still read these literal and literal gestures, then you are very likely a human being (at least partially). I spent a long time calculating/figuring out whether I have the right to write about myself in the first person. Why not? Alas, it is not such an […]

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The Future of Chechen Civilization

What do you think, could the Chechens (as a civilization, not a nation or ethnic group, and the more “Russian Chechnya”), which is very close to all the peoples of the Caucasus, post-Soviet and have been diligently adapted in the West, B. East, the Gulf and Mesopotamia especially to fulfil the role of alternative diplomatic […]

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The Will to Power

From ‘The Will to Power’ by F. Nietzsche What is #nobility? This is when you constantly have to represent. When you are looking for positions in which you constantly need to have a habit (manners and manoeuvres). When you leave happiness to the majority: happiness as peace, virtue, comfort a La Spencer. When you instinctively […]

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Connection of generations

About a son and father, or respect and comfort, about the #connection_of_generations and geography, and also about the #antimetaphysical_worldview, artistic… Today I gave the example of a very efficient and effective politico-governmental model of the #show_management, which is practised in the UFC and how incredible hype this game-competitive and the entertainment industry MMA (even with […]

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That’s be able to all but nothing to strive for – Power

That’s be able to all but nothing to strive for – power. This power is revealed by wisdom, which is courageous and integral. Alas, I have only known such a man once in all the world… – Nurdi, my father’s brother (in the photo, PA and Nurdi are standing behind their older brothers). I will […]

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