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Plastic that does not harm the environment

Day by day more and more countries say No to plastic in their environment. But is plastic in itself so terrible? Of course, the years and centuries of decay, the death of animals in the oceans or on land make themselves felt. But now, it turns out, scientists can develop plastic that decomposes easily and […]

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Innovation – Carbide nanosheets

It seems that soon we will be able to not spend precious metals on the energy industry. At least that’s what the Berkeley experts say. They developed a new catalyst that works without the use of platinum. Instead, it uses carbide nanosheets. Catalysts, in turn, are needed to separate water molecules and produce atomic hydrogen […]

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Emmanuele Macron calls Turkey the “Trojan horse”

Emmanuele Macron, the appointee of the conditional ‘Rothschilds (French branch)’ in France, who fully promote the regionalization and re-softening of the bureaucracy in these regions for themselves, very openly calls NATO and Russia with China allies and emphasizes the special and fundamental mission of this System to humiliate and destroy Muslims, Islam and an adequate […]

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China: artificial intelligence will be able to recognize COVID-19

Coronavirus is one of the most important factors in the development of society in 2020. It subordinates not only people’s health, but also their capital, markets and industry. The victims of coronavirus are not only infected or deceased persons, but also those whose business has been directly affected by the spread of this infection. But […]

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Thematic digest about smart city technologies

Have you heard about smart city technologies? This is a cool idea that innovation agencies in Asia are actively developing. And I was happy to receive such news that now all those interested in innovations and investments in them will be able to follow the progress of research and development of this sphere. And all […]

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