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About a son and father, or respect and comfort, about the #connection_of_generations and geography, and also about the #antimetaphysical_worldview, artistic…

Today I gave the example of a very efficient and effective politico-governmental model of the #show_management, which is practised in the UFC and how incredible hype this game-competitive and the entertainment industry MMA (even with that #Tik_Tok and WOWCube can not compare, even #Amazon, #Alibaba and 5 #PlayStation…).

This is such a stark contrast in #beauty, #quality and #culture (in #multiculturalism) when the #West and #East are so hung up on #haight over racial and religious extremes, intolerance, and coronavirus quarantines.

Look at #France, a nation where just ‘used’ in the last half-century and not only threw money and time, but of mind – not a country, and the collapse and commitment of the “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” (and not only as a slogan but fear to their very essence) or polygon the political wars over the limit and legitim.

At one time, #Chirac tried to stop the US/#NATO from ‘Iraqi-like emotions’ and economic emanations of the System and traders of death (arms dealers and builders of drug pipelines and #oil(gas)wires), but the #Bush’s and #Cheney’ #US “punished” #Chirac’s #France and “forgave” #Putin’s #Russia (then still a subclass in geopolitics) and for some reason hanged their own creature and a long servant of the #System and all the symbols of the occult… they hung #Saddam_Hussein. At that time, among all the dictators, only #Gaddafi noticed this act and predicted his death there. And this is not just interesting or history, but also…

… also France, which #Chirac wanted to leave #De_Vilpin, but which was firmly captured by #Sarkozy with money from #Gaddafi and drug pipelines. Since then, no one knows what and whose this France is…

It is well known that in all these recent years it has been saved by the #EU or #Germany from the ashes of the entire state budget and economy. For all that, France since that era of the thief, liar and sniffer Sarkozy only does that in the war and not only in Africa (he also introduced it to NATO) but also in all Total wars about oil (gas)wires. And the whole ethos and pathos of Elisha’s is a smoke, a veil, like putting Greece and Greek ‘demagogues in a pose instead of parasites in the EU-France and Italy (their debt is 100 times more than Greece).

By the way, all this was hidden not only as of the French leadership but with the approval of the nation, killed Gaddafi for the debt that Sarkozy did not want to return to him (still taken during his Ministry in the country’s Interior Ministry) and for the fact that he did not want to give oil to Libya Total… But also in Iceland. Stop! Do not deviate from the topic…

And so, after Sarkozy came to power the ex-husband of the ex-candidate from the left Royal (who did not have as much money as Kaddafi, who gave them, so post-factum, Sarkozi) – I do not remember the name of this President, because he was nobody. But at the last minute, the first post of the country put him Dodik and darling Macron, who failed everything in the country, and also sold and betrayed everything, except for Rothschild exercises in global governance or regionalization and re-bureaucratization of the crushed System, total wars and other Hooray and PR on their own, well, cut off the head of one of his servants of the occult (a school teacher who made mistakes) and a French teenager whose parents were born in the Country Chechens or then in the USSR … – and so the French special services, together with their allied structures and partners in interests, killed a teacher and a teenager, and simply tried to humiliate and destroy not just France and its peoples, and not only humanity and Chechens, but every person who has a mind and a mind… – all this is within the framework of the “war against Allah” declared by the French leadership and auxiliary employees (sucking up to Putin, who in 1999 declared his “war against Allah” officially, including against the Chechen people of their country or the state of the Czech Republic-Ichkeria (the winner in the Russian-Chechen war of 1994-1996).

So, everyone knows for what specific purposes this ritual was performed with the offering of the ‘ sacrificial body’ to his occult macron and his patrons, priests and mainstream media / K, even AI… – everyone knows everything initially (and forever).

Moreover, every person, I, we, we all accuse the murderers of killing these two people: a teacher and a 17-year-old teenager (everything that is shown as proof of one’s guilt against the other is a lie, a montage, or a” result ” in Putin’s terms).

At the same time, in this turmoil, Gosup the collapse of France and the attack on Chechens and humanity, on Muslims and Turkey (+ Azerbaijan), on refugees and the poor… Yes, at this very moment, Khabib’s appearance on all screens, who is doing his job, show, achievement and says: – “Alhamdulillah!”.

And, people who are very, very far from MMA, not even far-sighted geostrategists or super-politicized back and forth persons/parties/poles, but every person (simple and direct, like me, we, we all…), at some point cries with this guy on canvas, who represents the usual feelings for everyone: love; respect for parents and for each other; spiritual and cultural values; Islam; life and victory, even superiority, which is nothing before death, which is nothing before the empty space, almost the whole world that left him father, who was with him always (and it seemed forever) and no…

And, he leaves at the very peak of his career (he is at this moment more for hundreds of millions of people, even a billion, than Macron, Erdogan, Putin and XI… – he is supranational and his ” Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah)!” it unites all of us, with values in which children honour and understand their parents, and parents lead their children to their dreams, like this Avar boy from the mountain village of Dagestan-support their children until the last breath, up to the 7th knee; this is the cry of the son of Abdulmanap, who died of coronavirus, this bitterness/sadness after this last fight, and long-awaited, this facial is undefeated at the request of mother – this is true, believe that this last person, and even AI.

Yes, believe in such values, in this freedom to Express their multiple and masculine qualities and multiculturalism, faith, will and attention.

Niysso (my son) since last night and all today day/night after this fight and Khabib’s departure from UFC again and again in tears and the most subtle feelings for me, for him I revealed myself as a father, whom he loves all his life, appreciates, reveres, but… – this is for him everyday, ordinary and here, the son presented himself without me, and I am quite tolerable and strict (strict not in showing feelings, in this I am clear and with feelings), demanding.

Perhaps others in the family had a similar experience, some special understanding of the father or love itself, not some kind of slavish and submissive to the point of self-denial, to the point of readiness to idealize and deceive, but love from/to Allah, which is distinctive/reasonable and through which you can despise, love, and transform the one/that/that you love, and it also exalts him.

No doubt, just as it is possible that Habib or Abdulmanap do not know so many strangers who have appeared in their Affairs and destinies, so they also appeared in us, exalting specific properties about life/death. Moreover, behind all this unification around the shown and proven excellent values in the peak of excellence on the path of the ‘MMA/UFC fighter’ and solid traditions, there is also how the extraordinary abilities of each (individual) person exist as if without any correlation with what they themselves did for them, sacrificed, sacrificed or suffered. But if you look at his pedigree (as in rock), it opens up a story of incredible accumulation and capitalization of forces through all sorts of hardships, struggle, labour, promotion and passage to the top, or superiority. Whooooot!

Now, it is precisely because a great man was worth so much, and not because he stands before us as a miracle, as a gift from heaven, or as an “exceptional case,” that he became great.

In my opinion, “legacy “is an inaccurate concept, even” inheritance ” too.

However, for what the man became, his ancestors were paid, and the recognition of this deep and global communication generations, much, very much higher than the “crisis of civilizations” of Huntington or desires of Iblis/Kremlin/Elisha… father and son, mother and family and their relationship, honouring, and understanding of life/death is…


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