Equality between robots and humans

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Here is such a text, technically and technologically decently decomposing the part and the emotional-economic stage of #Multiversum (#IDYlliUM), about/in which I co-create like forever, and the vision/imagination of which is already repeated more and more by many famous innovators, tech-creators and futurists, even financiers in their own way.

Vladimir Popov here writes about ‘digital beings’ and IDs not only as hidden subjects in the ‘machine economy’, but also as open and frank objects. Yes, this is the symbols/meanings of #Supernova_geopolitics, which I have repeatedly presented here on FB and positioned in full for those ‘9-friends #Roust_Semy’. Especially pleases as this guy simple and on technologies-examples tells about still yesterday, but with a view on today’s morning and by time fits correctly, perfectly.

In short, the text from #Forklog has a lot of hints about what I’m talking about and #Multiversum (#IDYlliUM), as well as all those that are all about it from the first epochs and transitions…

An online magazine about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and decentralization: Forklog

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