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At a certain age, there is a very important attention to eternity and the will/influence in time (and on it), this also applies to people, structures, systems. And, for me (perhaps for others this has happened) in the aggregate of personalities / IDs, it has become active posterior that explaining and designating their strategic and semantic-symbolic positions, and even in them mutually beneficial commercial and compromise provisions and proposals, are too tedious, deadly.

Always in the System and in the co-creation if everything happens as I will pre-saying for 1000 years, at least (the little things/scum doesn’t count, it the needs of the History of the great benefits…), and here comes this era, personal (but objective) and this transition in infinity and the nobility of measurable like an eternity, that time ceases to show himself to explain to someone about something and it appears that, even in uselessness, because people live in a time and all that without her there is no name (names and titles), it’s not there.

Undoubtedly, the most tedious and destructive thing is to “lead camel caravans through the eye of a needle. “… – influence is possible only through faith, and non-believers should be immediately left there/then, and there is no need for them.

Therefore, with the full understanding that there is no movement, and everything is always here/now, in the process of superiority, it will be determined by itself that everything is perfect and timely… – people are pulled up by retelling and showing each other what they have understood, accepted and now honor, consider their own, from themselves to themselves. And it is possible that in all this “Rizom” of Deleuze, or in the strategies of Moisha (already in the desert) and Noah (already in the ocean), and Yeshua (when he tells one guy how/when to follow him), they will consider you as their own.

Moreover, people almost never believe not only in God as the Creator of everything or His prophets, but in their apotheosis of faith, they no longer reveal faith in the creatives of the mind (the mind never belongs to a person, but often-often the opposite) or the belief in your own images and symbols, and in yourself, in yourself… – this is the peak of humanity (rejection of lies and hypocrisy, herd-systemism and the Sum) equal to divinity. It is in this eternity that man arises, as…

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