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When you need to switch to a remote work format, we have developed a special solution that will help you effectively maintain communication between the team and clients. I would like to introduce a new and secure video conference software – GoRemote


Simple, reliable and effective

Our brand was founded at the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Europe. We thought that many companies, like us, would need to have their own secured and custom-branded video conference services.

A simple yet powerful solution for you and your colleagues to go remote. Video & audio conferences, screen sharing & chat. Keep your team close and productive!


Tailored solutions for all industries

All sectors are concerned by the global trend of remote work. Go Remote has experience accompanying the specificities of your industry. Education, government, oil and gas, finance, Go Remote implements solutions that are right for your needs.


White Lable

We are ready to develop a solution for Your business, preserving its uniqueness. As a result, you will receive a branded product with full customization from our team.

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