Grounds-rationale, education and danger of designation of power

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The sphere of influence of the ruling and growing population is constantly expanding and shrinking. From here […]

“Value” is, in essence, the assemblage point of superiority or expenditure (lowering) of these regulatory and realization centres (in any case, this is “plurality”, and “unity” does not occur at all in the process of formation and manifestation of power and power). Unfortunately, the means of expression that language has at its disposal are not suitable for expressing ‘becoming’ (or witnessing the Great): our inherent irresistible need for preservation forces us to constantly create a coarser world of the abiding, “things”, etc., and so on. The co-relatively world of the smallest emotions and emanations of the Great is the most lasting, competent world.

And, there is no will other than His will … – only punctuation/positions of this will, which constantly use (increase) or lose (require) their power. In such a ‘becoming’ or in the very essence and system of power, there is no place/moment for people or technologies (machines), but only contemplation and witnessing of this power, eternity, the majesty of colour and light … – everything is always perfectly perfect … – forever and ever.

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