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What should look like a person who photographs his reflection in the “Iblis mirror” (no matter what name he bears and whatever pantheon he describes, he is the sum of all the possibilities of manifestation of Being, and Iblis is the other side of Being, the original, glowing)?


Hineni! And this person, if he is a person or whoever he is, is obliged to mirrorly deny the negatives (distortions and distortions) of Iblis … – the multiversum (and all worlds) is tired of the veil of interpretation and radicalism of ritualism, from intermediary structures, from the System. In my opinion, a person must be a person and humanity at least a person, even if he is a wolf (even if a wolf from the outskirts of the forest hills of Vedeno), and we need direct antagonist pratagonists, fully practicing the power and power of witnessing or strategy “0 consensus with Iblis, “with the beyond … And, do not believe your eyes and mirrors, even these words … – trust only me (and here PR / GR, advertising, coaching, religion and … if you were an American, at that pace, Trump and Bloomberg could easily defeat with all their “Iblis mirror”, from nothing to do, and so …

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