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When with definitely excellent researchers of (old) geopolitics or power in geography (in positioning the will of power in places and moments) years earlier it was necessary to show on the fingers and principles/rules of y/that Israel geostrategic in the sphere and is a great historical, (geo)political-strategic and myth-symbolic implementation, and even more so a regional superpower, they laughed and ate primitive y/indicators for profane pop (uni or one that walks on ersatz conspiracy phobias and ‘thought factories’, who earn extra money by tuning “About the wonderful world’ Huxley”) – in 2004,I wrote a ‘note’ for the then IUED (now HEID or Graduate Institute), which laid out everything that is happening globally in the Gulf and the middle East and is coming… – for this research work, I did not agree to get a rating below 6, because I spent eternity and will over it with the giants and co-creators of the sphere, prakademiki, starting with Brzezinski, Atalli, Jalili (+ Chechen, Jewish and specialists from India (+Tibetan government in exile), alter-LAG, Japan and China), etc., as well as ‘thinking tanks’ from those very 3 clubs. And the fact that today “Great Israel over the ruins of all the kingdoms” is presented and presented to the world in full, this does not mean that this is the production of some characters, no.

Later, I never looked back at this region, because I knew not only the mytho-symbolic aspect and the “prophetic economy” to the point of lawlessness, carelessly, but… – I got to know the Arab and Turkic-Iranian worlds in the region very well in the context of my confrontation with the Kremlin and its allies from the Axis of evil. At the same time, in my practice of “strategies of Moses (Moisha/Musa)” in the West, I learned not only to ‘know-be-able’ to collect a Rubik’s cube from the Big (or small) West, but even to launch series of games about power and probability on WOWCube and, of course, to restart the System as in The Matrix trilogy, but in the real (secret) version. Why this PR-pathos (+ethos and Eros)? To the fact that calling Arabs “Palestinians,” and together picking and processing these former Caliphate or the Ottoman Empire, and then serving scenarios/plots System, where local puppets in the status of micro energy have betrayed/sold out/all forever… – this question is even more closed (and KSA is already 35 years old, the main ally of Israel, as well, and Iran – but Turkey Erdogan or the remnants of the once so powerful in Istanbul to talk about it separately…).

The only interesting thing is how the energy resources will pass from the Golan, and here is the intrigue in the ongoing war between Israel and Erdogan’s Alliance with Turkey on the seas and on the lands. Stop! What is interesting is not even this, but what can Turkey oppose Erdogan without a single ally (Qatar or Iran – Trojans) To Israel Netanyahu, who has all the countries of the world as allies? Answers?

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