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Further in the text, the author is unfamiliar to me, but he repeats very succinctly and naturally about the segments/moments from Multiversum(IDYlliUM) and the chimera children, moreover, very interesting and intense…

“Alexey Krol”:
Why do children learn more easily and effectively in games and startups?
— Because children do not have several concepts in their minds that completely block adults. These concepts begin to enter the mind around the last grade of school or from the moment when parents push them into the heads of children.

— Children do not have the concept of failure and success – the child plays because it is interesting, he is carried away by the process of the game.

– At the same time, children follow the leaders and want to increase their rating in the gaming communities-for them this is more valuable than the opinion of their parents. Play communities for children are their reference groups.

— Children do not have the concept of death, loss, and loss, so they are easier to perceive failures and are not afraid to experiment.

— Children participate in multiplayer games in which they die, win, learn to act as a team, negotiate.

— Children in games do not have the concept of punishment as something out of the ordinary, out of the ordinary. Remember, 99% of the game is a failure and a replay. If you did something wrong, then you get the corresponding consequences.

— In games, children have no age, everyone is equal, everyone is under avatars and nicknames, there are no age biases, no sexism, no restrictions or condescension… The child immediately understands the real reality, and this makes him immediately adapt to this reality, and not to the stereotypes and troubles of parents.

— The situation in the game can be fantastic, but it is always fair and adequate. The game has rules, and the game has no purpose to educate, while parents constantly change the rules, and are often not adequate.

— In modern simulators, the entire interface and management of complex objects are reproduced in detail in different situations, where you need to reproduce all the processes, calculations in real-time… even just mastering these games is more difficult than a lot of modern professional packages.

— In modern games, a different interface is used-less restrictions, more opportunities of any kind. Less effort is spent on communication and more on creation. We are moving away from slow symbolic languages and moving to fast image and action languages.

— There are fewer semantic intermediaries in the game, better understanding, more effective actions. In the game, you are a God without limits and can solve really difficult tasks, and not spend 99% on survival and everyday problems.

— The game makes sense while living outside of the game, from the point of view of children, makes no sense. The world of the game is incomparably richer, more interesting, more beautiful, more meaningful than the real world. Life is divided into two periods – when we are inside the game and everything in between.

— Parents are suppliers of equipment for games, money, a certain amount of affection, sometimes useful knowledge outside of the game, the volume of which is constantly decreasing.
“If parents don’t play the same games, they’re like grandparents – nice and kind fools– THEY DON’t UNDERSTAND.

— Reality is the world of the game. There is a mission, discoveries, infinity of the world, development, career, friendship. And this reality is evolving. What’s outside of the game is dull shit.

— Movies are for morons because all cult films have incarnations in games. You can watch the movie a couple of times and that’s it, nothing will change, and the game has a lot of options. In the movies, there are bad guys and good guys, and in the game, you can live a lot of destinies.

— The virtual world of the game is a standard workplace of the future, not screens, but a virtual world, an environment that synthesizes any environment. The main element is the visualization of any process. This is a horizon of six to ten years.

— 100% of the training will be in a virtual reality game environment. There is no concept of distance and mixed learning, there is no concept of LMS, there is a standard environment that already has all the elements. You can create any situation, any scenario, any activity. Learning activities are simply a type of general activity. All you need is virtual reality glasses and access.

— Currently, it is still quite expensive, as long as we all live in the paradigm of the screen, keyboard, and mouse. And it took almost 30 years to abandon the pencil-and-paper paradigm. But now everything is faster, so I think everything will be three times faster.

— In the game, you can get a huge array of data about a person, so you can use this data to form scoring and predict. This means that the data-driven state will encourage children and adults to connect to games as often and as quickly as possible.

— I would not be surprised if the modern recruitment industry is replaced by systems for parsing and analyzing game data, because there you can get any information about a person’s labor, communication and leadership skills, their ability to learn.

— I would not be surprised if the number of jobs inside the games will increase when it will be necessary to perform different tasks. And within the games, entire corporations and states with their own currencies will be created.— Good news for those who are 45+ ~ in games you have no age.”(с.)

roustsemyNewHeavensMultiveRSum_IDYlliUM – niyssowowcube
“Dada, this is a game (WOWCube)… – this is a new paradigm of the world.”(с.)


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