Our New Heroes: Rustam Daudov and Movsar Dzhamayev

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These two teenage heroes (then) of Chechen origin from Norway saved this country and hundreds of other children and peers from destruction … – from a Norwegian Nazi terrorist (I don’t know the name) exactly 9 years ago. If these two teenage heroes were not basically Chechens, according to genes and memes, the world would talk about them every year and praise their courage, even a certain power, or mourn the bloodiest slaughter of hundreds and hundreds of children in quiet Norway. which, in the shadow of History, has been producing paradise for herself/hers in recent years. The world would definitely mourn a catastrophe many times greater than the one that was transformed into the massacre and the torture of children, of whom 77 were killed in this terrorist attack.

And, this hell was stopped thanks to Rustam Daudov (16 years old) and Anzor Dzhukaev (16 years old) … However, almost nothing has been said about this so far, nothing has been said as much as possible. In my opinion, the Chechens and their media / QMS, as well as NGOs and v / bloggers, would need to speak for this, finally … FB-friends, Chechens, wai da ma let, speak for this truth, directly, about the superiority of these guys, noble and worthy, enough to stop the Evil, inhuman and merciless.

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