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Horses eat oats and hay. A person – power and Power (or with/eat it). And so, about the most protected truth about Power.
Everything always hangs by a thread (whether long or short), and reliable people are worth the weight of BTC when hyping… But, unlike the two previous truths, admitting the third is crushing and even fatal. After all, power (and power) rests primarily on the willingness to obey it. And who would want to submit to the ruler or the owner of the attention, will and time of people who have few loyal supporters? To admit that your colleagues/allies/staff are unreliable and stupid is to immediately lose power.
That’s why the world is sure that “they’ve got it all figured out.” The Authorities have enough resources to make you think that way (that’s what they are), and they have a good reason to do it. A subordinate to the ruler of the mass world or a supporter/clerk can be any kind of traitor and coward, but from the outside, he must look like his 100%, who is forgiven for any sins. After all, often once in Power, a person becomes “unsinkable”, and the whole point is that, even if he is a complete nonentity in himself, he must still remain in Power, otherwise its reputation/implementation will be under threat. “Do not give up your own” is not a personal nobility of the ruler, but the main condition for his survival. Well, now the bitter and loud truth: all the power around you/us rests mainly on myths, and therefore supports them by all means (which it has unlimited). And also, the mass world itself wants to believe in these three myths, because they explain so well why you/you do the right thing by staying away from Power…
Horses eat oats and hay.
And man is subhuman and superhuman. A Bicycle is a good and proud means of transportation (if in garage #Roust_Roys or #Bugatti_Veyron).

The ladder to #NewHeavens always leads to the plane and the 1.618 sections from the Fibonacci.

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