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To mandatory reading, understanding and application or about influence and power in geography…

OK, I listened and watched everything/everyone in Nice (there is more or less one young man in his own way tries to talk on the call ‘not to live in shit and dope’ to the residents of the quarters of Nice and in France from the Chechen community, and this is in the midst of municipal elections in France, in a country where the political-ruling collapse and socio-economic collapse (the crisis is coming so terrible that ‘the strong eats the weak at a time’).
1st: if the Chechens want to influence and solve their issues, then you need to approach the processes professionally and move to Nice and communicate, and not give the situation there to the profane in politics and diplomacy, who have already been deceived and, on this ‘shore’, the power segments (from the right/left/macron/lepen…) from the System do not even intend to take into account not only their compatriots of Chechen origin (or any other commune), but even with the fact that their country is a collapse because of them, because of their incompetence. By the way, in France, not so many people understand that in comparison with other countries, they are not different from Burkino Faso or the Congo, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo…
2nd: it is necessary to establish close ties in the South with the Corsican (or who is influential there) policy-networks…Just understand who/whose/when and talk for business, without fuss and pick up their positions in the region and areas to look after, useful and promising.
3rd: deny the denial of populist projects on the political platform of France that the French of Chechen origin speak freely and about the internal politics and the state Duma of France. And also cut off this near-political pop from the nostalgic-narcotic longing for colonial rhetoric, defining the French some nicknames/cliche as “Chechen Communote” or “Foreigners” and conduct full monitoring and consulting on state Policy and Development with reference to the socio-political component. In other words, the discourse should be positioned with the totality of meanings and symbols that “where you studied – we taught” – an impeccable pra-academic approach and determinism in protecting your freedoms and privileges/rights, as well as your political and managerial claims should be fully manifested. Attention: it is categorically and critically important to conduct an internal political discussion and co-organize the appropriate discourse, without excessive ethno-pathos, flags and shouts a La redneck or fans of FC/UFC and a La Religionized show managers. Immediately, in any case, you do not need to introduce into the discourse tin and at the same time flattery, as if the current French authorities “saved the Chechens” and “We are grateful to France” (France is not the country that does something not for its own benefit) – no, in any case, you can not position this with partners of Putin and the Kremlin in the centuries, which with Chechen refugees concluded their own deal, mutually beneficial from each side, in addition, France signed a ton of agreements in the declared sphere, for which it received a ton of money and profit (Yes and still lives in debt for 150 Greeks and 100,000 Hondurans) – in any case, you can not go to such ‘flattery’, but only demand a fair economy and ethics in your own country, in order to expose the parity of partnership between the public administration and the political discourse and interests of the French of Chechen origin, who have entered the mainstream politics of France.
4th: + your options.

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