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About the victory over time and the authorities of all authorities or songs on superstrings about children and their care (and W-bots)…
Country or Community Network (conglomerates with policy networks & NPG) that will pioneer in their formational politics and formative trends (evaluation and moral and scientific direction) and technology in education/culture of quality and creative-economy methodology and trendy in style “I know kung-fu” from the movie ‘the Matrix’, promocasa in the minds of the children and people here:

1) fiction as a multidimensional mechanism for the study and invention of time and it – futurology and the subject “butterfly effect” about the past and in the visions of alternative stories (and nowhere one Story, but instead of this loss of energy – the subject “System synthesis and simulacrism”);

2) predictable programming;

3) aspiring and sustainable dreaming and in them (in dreams) modelling worlds, the best in addition;

4) communication stratagems in search of excellent intentions and solutions with machines (— bots, algorithms and Cmems) and their agents from among people and other forms/phenomena of life, and also with the egregors of this Synergistic economy, ethics, and aesthetics;

5) production of spaces and progressively full-fledged (very high spiritual-value, great) principles and orders in this supernova geopolitics and towards #Multiversum_IDYlliUM;

6) dreams and in these dimensions changes of will, attention and time and other theories and trends on games in the transcendence and manifestation of the unthinkable in consumer products (even as an intention/Maxim) for all, all of us;

7) not to know, not to know anything, not to know anywhere, but also to know all possible/important and keep it in a safe place/moment (do not trust all machines and their technologies, chimeras and the last people). In these smart networks and decentralise (ex-schools), more and more co-creativity and structuring of collective intentions and dreams are introduced to create each week a series of series, a subject project, or a holistic emotion that all children in the network or in their rhizome can recognize. Accordingly, children also specialize in engineering (as well as in imagination), including social ones – collaboration and compassion or empathy and participation. Naturally, awakened and United children learn to co-create in all acceptable and direct realities (MetaReality/Mixt/AR/VR/Neoreality… – all the way #Multiversum_IDYlliUM, and…
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