The power of silence

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“5. Perception occurs if the energy fields in this small group, in the immediate vicinity of the point of brightness, extend their light to illuminate identical energy fields outside the sphere. Since only those energy fields that are illuminated by a point of brightness are perceived, this point is called the “point where perception gathers” or simply the assemblage point.

6. the assemblage Point can be moved from its usual location on the surface of a luminous ball to another place on the surface or inside the ball. since the brilliance of the assemblage point illuminates any energy field that comes into contact with it, when it moves to a new place, new energy fields become clear and become recognizable. This perception is known as seeing.

When the assemblage point is shifted, it becomes possible to perceive a completely different world – as objective and factual as the one we usually notice.

8. The intent is the pervasive force that causes us to perceive. We perceive not because we become more aware, but rather because our perception is the result of pressure and intrusion of intent.
This state of consciousness is assumed to be the exact opposite of death.
This was served by two great systems invented since ancient times: dreaming-the control and use of dreams, and tracking-the control of behavior…”

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