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“Hello friends, I decided to record a short video to Express my support and my vision, at the moment we accuse the Chechens of being Mafiosi, and I say that this is an absolute lie, all the Chechens I know are high-level athletes, these are people worthy of respect, sons who listen to their parents, and I have a deep respect for them. As for the events that took place this weekend in Dijon this is not the work of the mafia. Spread this information EN masse: the Chechens are unusual guys and I’m still weighing my words. I assure you these guys bring you the wind of change, the wind of righteousness, the wind of morality, and what they did this weekend should have been done a long time ago, that is, to restore order, they kicked the s… dealers, punished them, put pressure on them. You can throw your cheap Ponty dealers from Grezilya with your bulletproof vests and plastic guns, this you will not deceive anyone, you have been well taught now ask for a petition and reimburse the damage that you caused to a young guy (Chechen) … and maybe then the Chechens will leave you alone because they are good more than you can imagine well, along with this , they can also be very evil more than you can imagine, it’s just clear and accurate. Thank you guys (Chechens) it was a spectacular performance , I saw you, I understood, and I already know you a little and I want to say “Hello to the Cheka” , even the Republic (France ) is whining and so they call you the mafia, you were told about human rights ( men) and so on , well , there are few men left and when we meet them we are happy, thank you for giving everyone a lesson, including me…Maghreb they gave you a lesson in Islam if you are a drug dealer you are not a Muslim and you are not allowed everything. Thank you Chechens, I am eager to meet you again on the tatami if it is very difficult to train with strong these Chechens are (laughs)thank you so much. I Express great support for the Chechens and there is no Chechen mafia in France there are other mafias well, not Chechens, friends of strength and honor and may God bless you.”

Ébéniste Menuiserie

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