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In life, the most important or first thing is #shoulders; when a boy/girl or man straightens his shoulders like an eagle (+ your totem/tandem) that juts out his chest. Or as a body of superposition guards, or as a challenge and #Master of possibilities, or as a node, a reservoir of big-ideas & big-data, or as a protocol and flow of production of spaces, beautiful and all other [or heart].

And, in them, inhale/exhale or prayer and power / might, spirit/move, and under your feet the path is straight. And the most important thing is that the head on such shoulders is clear, even on the brightest or brightest day (into darkness and light, into awe) … – and this head appears #breath because only with mastering the breath, it copes and co-creates face and lines of images (#maneuvers and #maneuvers or facial expressions and politics), #ID’s / #surrogates, time, will … – attention:

>> thanks for reading and setting the fire, and to be continued

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