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Yesterday, today, tomorrow inconsistent, they are connected ... In Beauty?

All those who know what darkness is, thirst to see the light … – in this world there is as much light as there is darkness. And the differences between Past, Present and Future are just an illusion; although persistent. #Yesterday, #Today, and #Tomorrow are not sequential  they are linked in an infinite loop. Not only #the past influences the future, but also #the future influences the past. After all, everything / everything is interconnected. Where is #the beginning of everything? In the past or in the future (or here / now)? Is there a #beginning and #end at all?

Managing this world correctly is a very boring job. Make it interesting and history will call you villain...

I throw the ball with each other before the very 2nd lunch. And not in another time.

How many times older men killed me (literally it happened that I was strangled), but as soon as I got breath again, as before, the first word was the same. And I knew rough words as a kid (though I had no idea what they taught me by themselves…).