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I have always noted the Chechens not only in a special status in geopolitics (old and in new co-creating) but also as something incredible and possible in the neo-economic sphere, especially in the ethical (human) economy… – it is not for nothing that I was given the most important role of the producer of the newest space (#Infinity_Dimentional) and the conductor of supernova paradigms of government in #Multiversum and the alter System, not for nothing.
That’s why I still adhere (as well as the very first ones in the field of crypto-valley and neo economics) to the ethical and synergistic in #Altereds. This “flashmob” from the Chechens, from the very depths of the people, is the most natural thing that these people constantly have. This is why the Chechens do not recognize totalitarianism or centralized “intermediaries”  between them and the Supreme, between them and each person to each person.

These people, which are compared to the wolf or the civilization of the society of freedom and resistance, are based on #Niysso or meritocracy, manners, and maneuvers of good nature to each other and good morals. Unfortunately, these people is not really studied by anyone, but they are exhausted by the entire System and almost all countries in a row… Here are the Chechens, under 100% totalitarianism, under atomic bombs and 3 occupiers for one boy up to 10 years, whose economy and system-structural network or public political rule (public governance) almost completely destroyed the enemies of humanity, as well as 30% of the people over the past 20 years, but… But they are alive and human, their ethnical specificity here and now. Alas, it’s not Scandinavian socialism, not American gigantism (can print $ trillions and scatter), Switzerland, a Country of Chechens, which is occupied by Evil, by the Kremlin, but… But once again it has set its civilization against itself, and its superiority is only a matter of time in the era of permanent changes and the last people.

Achtung: the text here is about the Chechens, but it is about every person-a virtue, not about the people, about each person to each person, about us, about all of us. #We_are_all.


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