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Chechens, my people (nations and real people), with the great historical realization of you (analogs in History are extremely difficult to find), with Proof_of_Exellence, with a full proof of civilizational and geopolitical superiority over the enemy and his army of the post-USSR, which was more than the Chechens a million times…! With superiority in that “New Year’s night”, for which there was a day from “eternal summer” in the middle of winter, among the erased Grozny from the face of the earth or a victory unthinkable by anyone, incomparable!
Chechens, I read your posts here on FB, and therefore this word/business is for you/us, who in the obligation “to wish/know/be able (and powerful)” to fully live our self-sacrificing and most courageous victories with dignity and authenticity!
Yes, it is this crushing and inaccessible even to thought or to physics and military policy/logic itself that victory has become the symbol/meaning of all past/future victories, the spirit of the excellent and beautiful primary source, the Real One!
And, undoubtedly, it was “… a glorious hunt”, and a victory in which our people are nurtured from time immemorial, truly.
All totalitarianism and tyrants will die, and the pauses between our constant victories are only the whim and lust of History. However, we and our ‘civilization of superiority’ of free, brave, and just people (the latter) … are already forever. Everything else is nonsense and discord.
With excellence!

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