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About what is profitable to invest in, in PolkaDot or Ethereum2, a quantum computer, or in dreams, juicy, clear… In short, about the eternal.

After all, everyone understands now, at least now, why in all solid and systemic beliefs (as well as in the Din) and high spiritual-value worlds/levels, the integrity of omniscience (or “nothing”) is valued – this is like “purification of the soul”, “nirvana”, “to die before dying”, “to bear witness (quickly and boldly, self-sacrificing)”, and so on.

In our era of chimeras and the last people, when information is lumpenized and reduced to feces in the minds and exercises in gadgets, ‘new-ganduras’ and other ‘netflix’ (in multiple spaces, parallel and perpendicular), and almost all significant and strong symbols/meanings are already desecrated… – we, the last people who continue their life in the MultiveRSum_IDYlliUM, have an additional curvature in the form of a “mobile brain” or “4th mind” (if you count “Gurdjieff’s man” for the truth, he said that man has 3 brains…), this additional “mind” is like neo – Babylon, built by machines for their own beings, but… – the narrative of a certain “Big Bang”, this mythology, which has no truth about the Universe, is very clearly about the” inner universe ” of people who were blown up from the inside and collected partially in this neo-Babylon, as it is painted about the birth of the Universe by storytellers and spindoctors from scientism… – in addition to this “mobile brain” and attached to the creature and its image-designations or to IDs with their “hardware” and software, co-relations, there are also “extended bodies” (pumped and with a mandatory subscription-registration of all at all), and this is very, very important. And it’s not some digitalization of persons (transfer of a part of yourself to the worlds of the Figures already transfer these parts mutants from there back to metamer or Vedaas). About this separately and especially…

Let’s imagine that a person “possessed” by demons/Jinn/digital creatures/neorganics… – if he knew the plow, and how to be a shepherd, a family man, and could even literally and brutal to see all this “evil” (she was only one name and it was clear and obvious, now, when a man torn in the “Big Bang”, and then compressed in the form of “Higgs boson” under the Geneva…), and now in person, each built the neo-Babylon, which means “evil” as much in the immensity that sucks the soul and the Spirit of the people… – they contain billions_of_billions of these creatures, who also create their own special bodies from these human bodies, and they are not “virtual & fictional”, they are the real ones… – the special horror of humanity is not that people have lost their ability to live<—>death, but have never lived, have not lived a day, they have been” stitched ” forever already. After all, everything that is not eternal, and it is not alive… “the times are over, all the times.

— What am I talking about?

— About the fact that a person could never create himself in time, it’s like a programmer sitting in the toilet and writing code for the game “CiviliZations”, or writing his characters in the open air (not to be confused with Brahma, who dreams, sighs and exhales), and a programmer or writer, it’s just “circularity (nodes) for passing information” or timelines, but no more.

Accordingly, the mind/language/world /(C)matrix is an incredible extension of the ignorance and coping of those beings with their needs to the entire Universe, to everyone, to all their bodies and minds…

– How to be?

– Not to be.

All that is not eternal, do not perceive and do not imagine yourself. And even more so some images of minds (the mind was never it’s own but on the contrary…) on the “Plato’s wall” for yourself.

Today, when there is not even time for information (it will not interfere even in all kinds of minds/bodies), and dramatically accelerated and intensified technology in its leveling, it is necessary to pour directly into the blood as a vaccine or develop genetic engineering and biorobotic along with entrances in dreams… – the main confrontation between “machines” or “digitalized genies” and the last people takes place again and again in the dimensions of dreams and in their changes. By the way, none of the “machines” and their technologies or Sum can predict and anticipate anything with all their Big_Data and through Deep_Lerning, even though a quantum computer, better than a person through a dream, and there are no more effective way and state to transmit reality and effectiveness than through the portals of the corresponding dreams.

And so, speaking of supernova geopolitics and the coming ones, all the futurological options from the mainstream and from their ” talking heads “are just programs of algorithms, not even the” machines ” themselves, it’s just that they are mad for rednecks-bablonauts, and nothing more. Exclusively omniscience, though, since they deceive the “language” in the holy texts (no technology can “hack” them), the essence of these sacred symbols is to “wrap the mind around the finger of their body” and communicate with themselves and with eternity, always so…

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